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My Homepage is online!

2011-02-09 14:28:28 by FractalButterfly

I finally managed to bring up my homepage and fill it with content. Feel free to visit and see my work at

Building a Website

2011-01-26 18:01:31 by FractalButterfly

I am currently building a website to represent myself and my work. Although I am using a content management system, I am still at the beginning and yet far from finished.
Still much work to do...

First times

2011-01-24 17:25:01 by FractalButterfly

I dont even know if anyone will read this, but hey. I just submitted my first flash to newgrounds. It was old and it was ... not so good, but still, I am proud I made it once.
Additionally, I am now eager to produce more, get back into flash. So, stay tuned, whoever might be reading this, there is more to come (and it will be way better than the last one ;-)